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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fullsome Prison News 

So, did you miss us then?

Of course, we were barely away for a month. Had we, for example, been in prison then you would have had to get used to us not being around for years. Unless, of course, we were Lindsay Lohan - whose drunk driving antics seems to indicate that she took the living car concept of Herbie: Fully Loaded a little too literally - in which case we’d be gone for the best part of an afternoon and still have been home in time for Hollyoaks. Or whatever the American equivalent of it is. Probably something watchable.

But while we’re unlikely to end up in jail any time soon - not unless shoplifting from HMV turns out to be a crime! What? It is? Oh… - it seems bands are falling over themselves to take a trip beyond the prison gates and see what life’s like when a criminal record means more than just your back catalogue. Well, two of them are, anyway, with both The Enemy and Dirty Pretty Things spending their bank holiday Monday doing a gig for the inmates at Pentonville Prison.

Some might question whether being forced to go and see a gig by The Enemy would constitute cruel and unusual punishment, or, indeed, whether they’re really so worried about their abilities as a live band, and quite rightly so as well, that the audience needs to be locked in to stop them fleeing the venue in disgust. Others would question the wisdom of telling a group of sex-starved prisoners that they’re going to have Dirty Pretty Things entertaining them. It could only end in disappointment. And those who thought they were going to get a bunch of strippers were probably even more annoyed.

Still, their hearts were in the right place, even if it was the movement of consumer goods from the right place to various lock-ups around London that helped many of the lucky gig-goers acquire their tickets, as this gig was to raise awareness of the high rates of suicide amongst young men in prison, and it's clearly a good thing to show the jump suited hordes that with even this little talent and charisma it’s possible to have a successful career without resorting to theft. Unless, of course, you count the theft of intellectual property, of course, but no-one else seems to and if “Being a bit derivative” suddenly became a crime then the British music industry would suddenly come grinding to a halt as two out of every three bands suddenly found themselves facing the judge. And not Judge Jules.

Bet anyone who’d been put inside for ticket touting was pissed off, though.

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