Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Monday, July 30, 2007


So, clearly we've been rubbish when it comes to updating the site for the last week, for which we can only apologise, but we reasoned most people would be too engrossed in reading the new Harry Potter book to bother with the hilarious pop satire that we do so well. Well, 'do' at any rate. And who'd have thought that Harry would turn out to be a cyborg? We never saw that twist coming, that's for sure. Anyway, at this point we should really be writing something really top notch and brilliant to make up for our week of laziness, so it's a bit of a bugger, then, that this post is our now traditional pre-August "We're going to be too busy with the Fringe to write anything" post. So, umm, we're going to be too busy with the Fringe to write anything for the next month. Sorry. See you in September!