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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Prince Among Middle Aged, Middle Class Men 

Prince's new album, Planet Earth is out today! And not only does it come in a crappy card sleeve which doesn't even have a tracklisting on it, but buying it also means you have to take home the embarrassing free gift of a copy of the Mail on Sunday. We haven't been this ashamed buying a CD since that time we bought a Shed Seven live album. Anyway, most of you who've taken advantage of the unexpected generosity of Associated Newspapers - and who'dve thought they'd be excited about the latest release of a black artist? Normally they call for them to be locked up - will now doubt have instantly thrown the newspaper which came attached to the CD into the bin for fear of being poisoned by the depressingly bigoted and regressive views contained therein. But fear not! We've braved what lies inside, risked the very foundations of our moral code and and snuck a look inside the pages. Here's what you're missing out on:-To summarise, then, it's the paper that likes to party like it's 1899. Arf.

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