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Thursday, July 19, 2007


We get a lot of MySpace friend requests.

Yes, we know that as boasts go this is up there with "Did you know I have a really massive arse?" or "Hey everybody! Have I ever told you about my body odour problem", but, please, bear with us here.

Most of the requests we get are from shockingly bad indie rock four pieces who would see being described as "a bit Stereophonicsy" as a good thing and seemingly spend every waking moment sending out wildly optimistic friend requests; or from semi-clothed women who are so desperate to make our acquaintance that they're prepared to only charge us £5 to see their live cam show, featuring someone who bears no resemblance whatsoever to their profile pic - ummm, we'd imagine - but occasionally a diamond can be found in the coal face. One of these gems is Fabs.

Fabs have a quite impressive 60,308 friends, which must make keeping track of birthdays a bit of a headache, a number which is no doubt helped by their not exactly unattractive lead singer's, the Uruguayan Fabiola Gatti - please let this be her real name - lack of shyness when it comes to posing for photos in nawt but her bikini - and given that they're based in Scottish this is a more impressive feat than you might think, but what she might lack in clothes the band more than make up for in tunes, effortlessly powering their way through shouty-girl-indie-pop classics, the sort of thing Shampoo might have done if they had spent their time surfing instead of shoplifting make-up from Boots.

They're about to do a short tour of Scotland - see their MySpace for details - and will be releasing their new single I Lost My Virginity at the end of August, which, frankly, is everything you want a song called I Lost My Virginity to sound like. Unless you're of the more sweaty palmed heavy breathing variety in which case you'd probably be better off investing your pennies in a premium rate phone line as this substitutes explicit detail for thrashy bouncy aceness. And the solo is introduced with the phrase "Solo!", which is always a good thing. See Denim for proof.

Oh, and she has a fantastic guitar.


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