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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth: Live - Hour Zero: 12.13PM 

Except, of course, it's not Hour Zero as the Australian and Japanese legs of Live Earth have already been gone, but the BBC haven't shown them and, frankly, if it's not televised then as far as we're concerned it hasn't happened. But in just over an hour's time, the British leg of Live Earth will kick off at Wembley as part of an event which already has about as much buzz about it as a recently fumigated beehive. Even Live 8, which was clearly an even more pointless and irrelevant effort than this, managed to create a genuine feeling that something, just maybe, could actually happen and change could be achieved. This, however, is beginning to feel so much like a nonevent that we won't be hugely surprised if we tune in to discover the testcard being broadcast for 12 solid hours, something which would probably have more of an effect on the public consciousness than a selection of hardly relevant bands banging on about something they don't really have much interest in. Certainly it'd boost the take up of noughts and crosses which would, at least, be something.

Anyway, despite this we now, having covered all the line-ups - apart from the Washington DC gig which they snuck in at the last moment, although given that Garth Brooks is the main draw we can see why they weren't hugely keen to announce it in advance - feel committed to seeing this sorry event through to the end so why not keep visiting the site to follow our hour by hour coverage of the event. BBC coverage begins at 1, the show itself begins at 1.30 and our first update should appear at around about 2.30, depending on how the running order shapes up. If we're going to put ourselves through this torture then the least you lot can do is watch us suffer.

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