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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth: Live - Hour Eight: 21:20PM 

It's the Beastie Boys, fighting for our right to recyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycle! Or something. Dressed in matching green suits as they kick off with Sure Shot the Beasties are definitely beginning to wear the 'Boys' tag somewhat loosely. They're beginning to resemble the scene in a bodyswap comedy where the teenage son, now in his dad's body, attempts to do a bit of hip-hop. Fortunately looks aren't everything and they still have 'it', something more than evidenced as they give us Intergalactic, and the rest of their set might have been equally ace, but we don't know as the BBC once again cut away from it - during the false ending as well - to show us something else! Now, they were showing us Shakira in Hamburg and we rarely moan about the appearance of Shakira, but still! Does the BBc really feel that anything outside the narrow remit of standard indie rock and self-obsessed acoustica is going to immediately turn off the audience? No matter, Shakira was doing Hips Don't Lie and, frankly, it doesn't take a working knowledge of the highway code to read the signs of her body.

Keeping the body count high, next up is Pussycat Dolls, doing their bit for global warming by writhing around in their pants, doing their best to get everyone in the room all het up as they exhort us to loosen their and, indeed, our own Buttons. Good advice as global temperatures rise. They follow this with the dull, whiny and insipid Stickwitu, a song which doesn't really tie in with the feisty, empowered, man-eating image they like to get across. And it's hard to look convincingly soppy and romantic when you've got a camel toe. They end with Don't Cha and, as we've said before, when they ask if they wish our girlfriend was hot like them, the answer is invariably a definite No! They're a bit too skanky, a bit too try hard and a lot too desperate to really be girlfriend material. And the whole desperate to break up a relationship thing doesn't really bode too well for the whole long term thing. But a good one night stand though. Both that performance and in general.

A trip to Sydney to see Toni Collette and the Finish doing a cover of Children of the Revolution. She's got a decent voice and it's a good enough cover, but it's not really much better than what you'd expect to see in the early rounds of the X Factor.

Live to Rio to see Xuxa in action, who not only is surrounded by a million drummers, but also gets one hell of a score in Scrabble. Children are throwing some street moves behind her, there's a rainbow bridge, majorettes, someone swinging on a trapeze and it all looks a bit like watching a foreign kids TV programme. Certainly it looks like a lot more fun than anything else we've seen so far.

CURRENT CARBON FOOTPRINT: That odd four toed statue from Lost, clomping around the Island, frightening polar bears and crushing mysterious hatches..

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