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Monday, July 09, 2007

Lazy YouTube Pick of the Week 

This year's Big Brother is getting remarkably poptastic, with Northern Line's Zach now being joined in the house by Thalia Zucchi, formerly of underrated S Club knock-offs, allSTARS*. And, much like Ziggy, who entered the house as a non-entity because, well, he had to, really. Thalia won't be entering the house as pop's Thalia, but as, umm, Australia's Pauline, as she spends a week as a fake housemate for no other reason than that Big Brother is rapidly running out of ideas. Of course, given that she was barely convincing playing herself in Star Street it remains to be seen exactly how well she's going to pull off actual acting but it'll no doubt be entertaining at any rate.

To celebrate this, here's the video for allSTARS* finest moment, their cover of Bucks Fizz's Land of Make Believe. Thalia is the one being unconvincingly chopped in half. It's worth pointing out that the song would be a million times better if it stopped twenty seconds before the end, cutting off the horribly accented spoken word part, but never mind. Becki was always our favourite, anyway.

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