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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Knock Three Times If You Wanna See a Secret Gig 

It seems that Britney Spears is no longer mad. Hooray! Although the people willing to pay $125 dollars (At the current rate of exchange that's roughly £5 in real money, but it's a lot to them) to see her perform would probably have a hard time claiming to be on the right side of the mental state divide. Yes, Britney has returned to doing what she does best: shaking her bits to the hits, providing fodder for tabloid gossip columnists and giving lazy music bloggers something to write about instead of coming up with something original, interesting, witty and insightful. Ahem.

She was performing in San Diego in a secret gig at the House of Blues. Although given that it was heavily plugged and covered in the days leading up to the event, it was about as secret as Lily Allen's forehead. Appearing under the name of The M&Ms - Yes, it probably was a sponsorship thing, and we can see why the smooth, spherical, nutty snacks might feel that association with Britney was a natural thing - Britney did six songs in fifteen minutes and not very many clothes. She also wore a wig, putting her into the same sort of pop pedigree as Elton John and Gary Glitter, which presumably was glued to her head with industrial strength adhesive to stop it falling off during some of her more energetic dance routines.

Still, publicity gimmick it may well have been, at least she seems to be feeling a bit, ahem, 'better'. And has finally bought herself some knickers, even if 'a top' still seems to be low down on her list of shopping priorities.

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