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Monday, April 23, 2007

We Heart The Pipettes 

So, how ace were The Pipettes on Friday night?! It's a good question and one which we texted, with exactly that over-excitable punctuation, to the gurus at 82ASK as we travelled home from the gig. Their reply: "Those girls from The Pipettes rocked the Garage in Glasgow tonight, they made the journey all the way from Brighton, good effort, great band!". Not only do the 82ASK fact monkeys have good taste in music, they seem to place undue emphasis on the girls' ability to get into a van and travel in the right direction along a motorway. Still, unwarranted obsession with their travel arrangements aside, they do have a point as Rosay, Gwenno and RiotBecki - and those other blokes who do some sort of stuff in the background, but they're not that important - really do put on the most exciting pop experience this side of a Girls Aloud concert.

They danced, they sung, they - obviously - pulled some shapes and, in a move, the importance of which is akin to the moment Elvis turned up at Sun Studios to record a record for his mother, the moment Dylan went electric, or the moment the Spice Girls released Wannabe, the girls have - insert a dramatic musical sting here - New Dresses. Oh, and they had some new songs, but let's focus on the most important thing, the dresses. Rather than black and white, they're now white and black, apart from RiotBecki, who has eschewed the whole dress concept all together, and wore a spotty waistcoat with black hotpants, which did, if nothing else, finally end the debate we'd been having ever since the first time we saw them live, i.e. Is RiotBecki pregnant? Admittedly the fact that the only real evidence in favour of this theory was the fact that Becki didn't wear a belt with her dress should really have meant it was dismissed out of hand instantly, and the fact it's been longer than 9 months since we first saw them should also have been a clue, but we feel glad to have finally got to the bottom of the matter, and the bottom of the matter was, of course, abundantly clear thanks to RiotBecki's overly tight hotpants. Arf! Or, indeed, arse. Arf.

Moving on... support for the night came from Stefy, who at their best sound like a growly, angry, guitarry Rachel Stevens and at their worst come across more like Speedway on a particularly uninspired day. Fortunately they tend more towards the former and, on current single Chelsea, fire off a whole box of Sweet Dreams-y electro-pop fireworks in one go. And Stefy herself has a fantastic fringe, which more than makes up for the fact the blokes in the band are clearly all a bunch of irritating twats who make the bloke from Orson look like palatable company in comparison.

We never know how to conclude these sorts of things in a quick, concise and witty manner. Oh well.

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