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Friday, April 27, 2007

Life's a Beach 

Global warming might be a big concern for one of this year's big concerts, but as the forthcoming T4 on the Beach concert will not exactly be seen as a huge success if the heavens open and rain pours in like J-List celebrities at an album launch it seems pretty much a given that Channel 4 staff are currently leaving all their TV's on stand-by, their phone chargers permanently plugged in, and are generally encouraging their viewers to buy products with as much excess packaging as they possibly can, just in case it makes a difference. It certainly explains why they decided to broadcast The Great Global Warming Swindle a month or so ago.

The drip drip of rain might be something they want to avoid, but the drip drip of information is something they're warmly embracing, announcing only three of the quite literally some acts that will be appearing at Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday, 22nd July. So far, Akon, Just Jack and, slightly more excitingly, Natasha Bedingfield have packed their bucket and spade in readiness. Before we go on, here is a picture of Natasha looking pretty:

Sigh, etc.

Anyway, there's still loads to be announced, so we're sure that Akon won't be Lonely - arf! - for long, that Just Jack is thinking excitable thoughts about who else might be on the bill and so has Stars in his Eyes - Arf! - and that Natasha, umm, wants to have their babies? No, how about "Is sure that the rest of the bill won't remain Unwritten for long? Something about being single? Oh, think of your own bad pun. We can't do everything for you. Here's another 'Arf', though. Arf.

The event's sure to be a good laugh, and has the advantage of only giving bands enough time to perform a couple of songs - i.e. the 'hit' - before buggering off. More gigs should be like that, really. There's also the bonus that Vernon Kaye doesn't 'do' T4 any more, preferring instead to ironically appreciate the past like a bad Peter Kay - Or like Peter Kay, to save using an unnecessary word - so you won't have to put up with his gormless grin and inane banter between acts, but you should probably be aware that June Sarpong seems unable to escape to the world of proper TV so will be shouldering some of the hosting duties. Perhaps you could use the sand as some sort of rudimentary earplugs during her sections.

Tickets, and full details, are available from http://www.channel4.com/t4onthebeach and went on sale at 9AM this morning, so we should really have mentioned this earlier. Still, we don't think it'll have sold out that quickly. It's a beach for God's sake! There'll be plenty of space! Especially if you don't mind getting your feet wet or are fortunate enough to have begun evolving into a fish.

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