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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bird in the Band 

Bird flu has hit the country which, of course, means that We Are All Going To Die. We've spent a large part of our time since we heard the news panicking, and yes, we do realise that the official government advice is "Don't panic", but we've been reading between the lines.

It also means all manners of restrictions for the movement of poultry and, should the virus transfer to humans - which we firmly believe it will, and we're reasonably convinced that all the mutations will eventuall cause it to reanimate the dead, causing further problems and awkward social situations - chaos as burning bodies line the motorways, public gatherings are discouraged, the living envy the dead and getting a KFC proves to be virtually impossible.

But what, you are no doubt thinking, will all this mean for the music industry? Here's a rough guide to some of the changes you'll need to get used to:-