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Monday, February 05, 2007

All Your Favourite Records 

We've been meaning to mention this for, oooh, ages now, but never got round to it, mainly thanks to the all consuming pressures of a) Christmas, b) Celebrity Big Brother, and c) our general rubbishness, laziness and motivational levels roughly on a par with a particularly sluggish sloth. But anyway! We don't know much about Australia, and what we do know is largely based on Neighbours, leading us to the conclusion that in a land down under, not only do women glow and men plunder, but also all problems can be solved via the medium of street cricket, no-one bothers locking their doors and, once people leave the family home, they rarely return unless they have major plastic surgery first. We also know that it's an upside down land were everything is back to front, something amply proven by a recent television poll to find Australia's favourite album which came to the conclusion that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is the bestest album ever and, from looking down the list and reading between the lines, you can't make good music unless you're white, middle aged and male, a theory which is remarkably easy to disprove.

We weren't the only ones to be annoyed by this. Indeed, we wouldn't have even been aware of it to be annoyed by if hadn't been for those good people at I'm Always Right, who were so incensed by it that not only have they decided to carry out their own poll, but they were so blinded by rage that they felt that asking us - along with some other top pop bloggers - to join the judging panel was a good idea. Still, it's done now and while we're busy deciding exactly who should and shouldn't be on our top ten, you should really be doing the same. Closing date is the 1st of March and full details can be found here. We don't think Pink Floyd will do quite as well this time around.