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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor 

The Celebrity Big Brother house has once again opened its doors and, quite excitingly, joining Jermaine Jackson (Not Michael Jackson), Danielle Lloyd (No, us neither), Ken Russell (Film director and occasional pornographer), Leo Sayer (Ashley's future), Shilpa Shetty (A Bollywood actress whose name we've undoubtedly spelt wrong), Carole Malone (Tabloid columnist consumed by hatred and jealously, umm, unlike us), Donny Tourettes (The Asda own brand Jonny Rotten), Cleo Roccos (Rula Lenska) and Dirk Benedict (The one from the A Team who no-one remembers. Which, to be fair, is everyone from the A Team other than Mr T) are Jo O'Meara and H from Steps! Although he's going by his SUnday name of Ian Watkins. Jo is now apparently a dog breeder while H chose today to come out, a fact which was presumably as much of a surprise to the public at large as the whereabouts of bear toilet facilities.

Anyway, we're overjoyed about their inclusion, so, as with Kenzie's appearence two years ago, have decided to provide you with full coverage of their goings on inside the house until either they get evicted, walk out, or we lose interest and find something else to do with our life. As is normal when we decide to take on a task which may well last 25 days, we will probably regret this decision.