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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 9 

Day 9 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and it's nomination day! In the scheme of things, this is one of the most important days in the Big Brother week. It's a chance to find out what the housemates really think of each other, a chance to find out who, away from the bluster, the niceties and the peer pressure from the other housemates, who each person really doesn't want to spend any more time with, and a chance for them to give a more honest, truthful and blunt opinion than they may do otherwise. It's only natural, then, that Channel 4 should treat the whole thing with contempt and disdain and only bother showing half of the nominations, leaving us with the knowledge that Jo nominated both Leo and Jack while H plumped for Leo and Dirk but no knowledge of why. To fill in the gaps in our knowledge, we've decided that Jo picked Leo as she has a fear of corkscrews and his hair makes her feel uncomfortable and her dislike for Jack comes from her annoyance that he didn't bring his sister, Jill, into the house with him. H chose Leo because he thinks that You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is "Shit. Really fucking shit", and wanted Dirk to get the boot because he wanted an A-Team van for Christmas one year but was left saddened and disappointed on Christmas morning and so still holds a grudge.

Our suspected reasons may seem a little bit ridiculous, but they're nothing compared to the real reasons given by the housemates. Dirk nominated H because "he's having too much fun, he's too content", which is hardly H's fault. During his time in Steps he was injected daily with enough sugar to turn even a tired and grumpy koala bear into a hyperactive cheerbeast so it's no surprise that he still bounces happily through life like a lobotomised Tigger. Jo didn't escape the dislike of her fellow housemates either, with both Jermaine and Leo opting to put her name forward for the public vote. Jermaine voiced his concerns that she didn't do any of the cooking and cleaning, presumably because Jermaine is labouring under the delusion that it's still the past and that's all girls should be doing, while Leo picked her because as far as he's concerned she's no longer a celebrity and seemed to be getting very irate about the fact she takes the bus and is quite chuffed when she buys cheap clothes. Leo presumably travels everywhere by rickshaw and only buys clothes woven from the finest gold thread. Although given that, as we discover later, Leo is a man too cheap to bring in enough clean pants to last for three weeks in the house, this is a little bit rich. Or poor. Or something.

In the end it was Leo and Dirk who found themselves facing the public vote, along with Carole, whose position there came as a result of her and Cleo having a chat about nominations. As punishment the other housemates had to choose one of the pair to face the public vote. Naturally this was a hard and emotional choice for the housemates, if we'd had our way both of them would have been out the door, but H kept a clear head, took charge and demanded a show of hands. Both Jo and H, along with the majority of the housemates, went for Carole, although Jo made it quite clear that she didn't want to do it, perhaps fearing a hatchet job from the hatchet faced journalist if she found out who picked her.

Despite being in bed, Jo managed to cause an argument without being anywhere near the argumentative types as Jade and Dirk crossed swords over a bottle of whisky which had been given to Dirk, but which Jo was quite keen to get a taste of. Dirk seemed somewhat put out by Jo's request, given via Jade like she's some sort of medium - well, she has lot a bit of weight recently. Arf! - and initially refused, before giving the whole bottle to Jade and having a bit of a sulk. Jade poured half of it into a bottle, then asked Dirk if he wanted the remaining half put in the fridge. Dirk took the returned bottle and calmly poured it into the bin. Whether this was through anger at being expected to give away his whisky, or simply disgust at the thought that someone might want to put whisky in the fridge we may never know.