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Friday, January 12, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 8 

Day 8 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the first big revelation of the episode is that Jo, Danielle and Jade all sleep together in the same bed. Jo is clearly taking inspiration from her puppies' sleeping arrangements. Will this be the only big revelation? Keep reading to find out. (Thoug hif you're a bit busy and have better things to do with your life, and we don't, frankly, blame you, then the answer is 'yes').

H started the day by doing some exercise by holding up some weights. This was a bit of a role reversal for him as he's normally the deadweight others are having to hold up.

Having spent the morning improving his physique, H immediatly decided to undo all the good work by gorging himself on chocolates with Jackiey. As he listed the different flavours availiable, he attempted to do an impersonation of Jackiey, which consisted mainly of him putting on a scary deep voice and sounding like the sort of person who you wouldn't want walking down your street, let alone in your house. So, quite a good impression, then.

Jo seems to be having confused feelings about Leo: "I really like him, but every time he comes towards me I walk away". She's presumably confusing "liking him" with "us both being magnets with the same polarity".

H was playing a game of "Who Am I?" with Jade, Jackiey and Jack. Written upon in his forehead, in what looked like shit, was the name Tom Cruise, and we can't think of any reason whatsoever why they might have chosen that name for a gay man.

And so Jackiey came to be evicted, and given that it was a vote to save a housemate, it must be quite galling for her to realise that she is less popular than Jade's boyfriend Jack, a man who has done the sum total of sweet FA since he entered the house. H was quite upset by the news, having grown quite close to Jackiey over the last few days and, like many people, praised her openess. Quite why so many people have a problem telling the difference between being 'open' and being 'obnoxiously rude and unpleasant' is beyond us, but never mind. Jo is made of sterner stuff, even if her back isn't, and pointed out that it's part of the game and that it's just going to get worse. She was still upset though, and both she and H shared the view that they thought Jackiey was going to win the whole thing, an event about as likely as the sun turning out to be powered by a lone Duracell battery, or a conetstant choosing to escape the house by prising open one of the walls with a broom. Ah.