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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 7 

Day 7 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the Jo and H based action continues. Well, continues to not actually happen at any rate. Jo's contribution consisted mainly of some minor bitching about Shilpa, but so minor was this bitching that it barely even warrants a 1 on the Elton scale. The Elton scale is the scientific standard of bitching, and a 1 is roughly equivalent to the bitcher tutting as the bitchee walks past, or using your fingers to add 'quote marks' when mentioning a supposed attribute of the bitchee. She also pondered as to what Donny might be getting up to since escaping from the house, we doubt that guest editing a showbiz column, which he has been doing, would have come to mind, mainly because she'd be unlikely to believe that Donny could string a sentence together. Not, of course, that such an inability has hampered Victoria Newton's career in any way, shape or form.

H's contribution, on the other hand, we could well have done without. It consisted of him doing Jackiey's make-up - the look he was aiming for was Biker Chick, Jade reckoned it made her look more like a transexual, while we felt it made her look like a transexual biker who's just crashed their bicycle - and encouraging her to wear a see-through swimsuit with bits of fluff to cover up the bits which needed to be covered - although in terms of public decency, there's probably not enough fluff in the world. Our eyes still burn and we feel we may never be the same again. Shudder.