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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 16 

Day 16 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and damage limitation is the name of the game a Channel 4 attempts to prove to the eyes of the watching world that they're in control of the situation, that Jade isn't really a racist, just a bit mean, and that while Jade and Shilpa aren't about to be friends any time soon, they're not about to end up at each others throats either. They didn't quite go so far as to have Ebony and Ivory played instead of the normal theme music, but we're pretty sure someone suggested it.

Of course, with all the furore, hatred, and general disharmony in the house it took H, something of an expert in disharmony, to get right to the nub of the matter, as he and Cleo took the bull by the horns, called a spade a spade and, ummm, had a conversation about the weather. Which was a bit rubbish. "I love going to the seaside in this weather", he later informed the group, clearly being a man who can look at a lump of coal and see a diamond. "Jo! Your arse is looking great", he continued, proving our point.

Jack, H and Dirk also took some time out to discuss turkeys. "Yeah", said H, "By the time we released I Know Him So Well we were just going through the motions. It wasn't fair to the fans really". Well, no, he didn't, they were chatting about real turkeys who apparently flock, if turkeys do such a thing, to Dirk's home in America. The conversation veered off into a discussion as to where Norfolk is, something which remained a mystery to all of our housemates, who had Norfolk-ing clue were it was.

Jo and Dirk sat next to each other for a bit. They seemed to enjoy this.

Shilpa and H, demonstrating that different cultures and nationalities can bond with each other and being put in the same house doesn't necessarily have to result in the sort of slanging match normally seen outside low rent nightclubs in the commuter belt, shared both a scarf and some music, as H tried to persuade her to teach him a Bollywood song, while he taught her a traditional Welsh tune. Of course, given that the song he decided to teach her was one of patriotism, nationalistic pride and general 'fuck the rest of the world' sentiments, it was perhaps not the best choice, but the thought was there at least.

And finally, Jo attempted to send Jack to spy on Jade's apology to Shilpa, although Jack wasn't keen, grumpily telling anyone who would listen that he was very disappointed in his girlfriend. He's not the only one. Of course, we say 'apology', but it would have carried a bit more weight had it not been for the fact that it only came after Big Brother twice brought up the racism issue with Jade and if it had come from a position of regret and upset at the hurt she may have caused Shilpa rather than from the fear and realisation that her entire career is about to get flushed down the toilet like the unpleasant turd it's always been. But she trying, we suppose. Very trying.