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Because It's Never Just About the Music

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Screen Burns 

This is Pete Burns.

Here he is answering a question which a number of people asked when he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house at the start of the year, namely "Does he have a pussy?".

Anyway, the reason we mention this is that since leaving said house, he seems to have decided that his future career lies not in creating epoch defining pop records that thrill the mind and move the feet, but instead in being filmed 24/7 for the purpose of filling in the hours between dodgy late night phone-in quizzes on cable TV. To this end he's about to appear in Pete Burns Unspun - or is already appearing in. Our surfing the wave of the digital television revolution began and ended with the purchase of a cheap Freeview box - on Living TV, which follows Pete as he gets bailed from prison and, under the conditions of his release, has to stay with the man who put up the money, a man who Pete has never met and is something of an obsessive fan of the man. Even if, as the set up sounds, it's entirely fake - much like Pete himself - it still sounds like an incredibly entertaining slice of television so, if you're a bit more technologically advanced than us you should probably keep an eye out for it. If not you can view a clip by clicking here, and our inability to 'embed' this video into our site largely demonstrates exactly why we're so backwards as to lack a cable connection.