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Saturday, November 18, 2006

M TV's Busted 

So, there you go. We've finally caught up. We've always felt that the main advantage of pubishing our work through blogging is the ability to be topical and provide instant critique on the events in the pop music world. Ahem. Normal service has now been resumed, although we have decided to drop the Matt Willis in I'm a Celebrity... feature, partly because we're too far behind now to make it relevant, but mainly because he's done the sum total of bugger all during his time in the jungle so far. Even if we had been in a fit state to do any writing we'd probably have come up with much the same content about his time there as appeared on the site this week. It does, unfortunately, mean, that we won't now get a chance to shoehorn our "Trashed the bedding" joke, which was, if we're entirely honest, the main reason for choosing him to focus upon, but c'est la vie. We're sure you'll cope.

We have vague plans to make next week an Oasis vs U2 special in 'honour' of them simultaneously releasing Best Of albums targetted squarely at the sort of person who is obliged to buy gifts for their family, but who doesn't actually like their relations that much. We might not do it though, you should know what we're like by now.