Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The contestants for this year's edition of I Used to Be on Telly... Get me Back on Telly have now been announced and unfortunately, despite the rumours, Rachel Stevens is not among them, presumably having decided if the public showed a similar disinterest in her jungle based antics as they did for her pop career, the experience would be unlikely to shower her in glory, although it'd be pretty much guaranteed to shower her in flies, maggots, and other unpleasantness.

Instead, sticking up for the realm of pop, we have Matt Willis, who used to be in Busted, Mylene Klass, who used to be in Hear'Say, and Jason Donovan, who used to be in Kylie Minogue. Following on from the 'success' of last year's Frost Report feature, this year we'll be bringing you M TV, where we'll be keeping an eye what the ex-Busted boy gets up to during his time in the Australian and reporting back, saving you lot the hassle of actually watching the show. How will he cope without his hair straighteners? Will he attempt to impress his fellow campers by trying to do one of his trademark jumps over the fire, and more importantly, will we be able to resist doing a Busted Flush joke the first time he uses the camp toilet? All these questions - and possibly more, though it's quite unlikely - will be answered on Monday.