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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Five Faces of Girls Aloud 

We should probably have mentioned this on Wednesday - Mind you, the list of things we should have done with this site, with "Quite while we were ahead" ranking pretty near the top, could fill a dictionary - but Girls Aloud, a band who we're ever so slightly fond of, are heading out on what we're sure they'll be at pains to point out is definitely not their farewell tour. But if you'd like to go and see all five of the girls together for the very last time then you may want to make your way down to one of the following venues on the appropriate dates:-

Fri 18/05/07: Metro Radio Arena Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sat 19/05/07: SECC Glasgow
Sun 20/05/07: M.E.N. Arena Manchester
Tue 22/05/07: Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield
Wed 23/05/07: Cardiff International Arena
Fri 25/05/07: NIA Birmingham
Sat 26/05/07: Wembley Arena
Sun 27/05/07: Nottingham Arena
Tue 29/05/07: The Brighton Centre
Wed 30/05/07: Bournemouth International Centre

Of course, by now you'll have missed all the best tickets but at least you'll be in the same room as them, even if you only have a blurry image on the big screens to vouch for it, but that's what you get for not being quick off the mark. We're in the third row which is not only close enough to throw gifts onto the stage and valiantly shout out our phone number, it should also allow the entire arena to witness a quite impressive scene as the over zealous security guards attempt to throw us out for breaching the terms of our restraining order. Hooray!