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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Sound of The Sound of Girls Aloud 

The Sound of Girls Aloud, the greatest hits of, umm, Girls Aloud is now out in the shops. It seems unlikely that anyone who reads this site won't have already rushed out and bought their copy, but if you are swithering, we've put on our best critical hat to bring you a full, complete and in depth track by track guide to the album, giving you all the important information you'll need to help you make up your mind:-
  1. Sound of the Underground - Ace.
  2. Love Machine - Ace.
  3. Biology - Ace.
  4. No Good Advice - Ace.
  5. I'll Stand By You - Slightly ropey.
  6. Jump - Ace.
  7. The Show - Ace.
  8. See the Day - Slightly ropey.
  9. Wake Me Up - Ace.
  10. Life Got Cold - Ace.
  11. Something Kinda Ooooh - Ace.
  12. Whole Lotta History - Ace.
  13. Long Hot Summer - Ace.
  14. Money - Ace.
  15. I Think We're Alone Now - Ace.
Overall: Ace.

We reckon that pretty much covers the salient points, if not the word count.