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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Make a Dateless 

We've fallen in love with a new band.

Of course, given the fact that we fall head over heels in love with a new pop band pretty much on a daily basis, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the above statement carries about as much weight as "We woke up this morning and had a shower", but you'd be wrong. This is for real. It's not a passing fancy and our head won't be turned by the next pretty girl singing along to a danceable beat this time. Promise.

Anyway, their name is Dateless and they're absolutely fab. A sorta low budget, electro Pipettes, if you will - though in all honesty they reminded us more of The Corsettes, a reference we'd have led with had it not been for the fact that we expect that only a handful of people will ever actually have heard of them - they were giving Aberfeldy the benefit of being their opening band and took to the stage surrounded by a glittery mist of pop genius - or 'stage smoke', as it's otherwise known - and happily blew the main support band off the stage, though given she was the sort of acoustic guitar strumming girl who sees KT Tunstall as someone to aspire to, rather than throw rocks at, this isn't necessarily an impressive feat.

Their set-up consists of one bloke standing at the back, playing keyboards while shrouded in mystery - Or 'stage smoke', as it's otherwise known - and two girls who sing like they'd rather be somewhere else, dance like they're possessed by the spirit of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit and dress like they're sexy F1 mechanics, wearing dresses which would be largely unsuitable for the role, should that actually turn out to be their day job.

As the above proves, on a purely superficial level they tick all the right boxes, but musically they're equally satisfying, dishing out dark electropop from behind their ever present shades like a generous, yet slightly disturbing, ice-cream van driver. We'd like to point you to somewhere were you might be able to sample their wares for yourselves, but unfortunately their MySpace page is largely useless, consisting of nothing more than some pics which appear to be of a different band and a general "Can't be arsed" vibe hanging over the whole affair. We like lazy, bored vocals, but we hope that attitude doesn't pervade the rest of their approach to the band as we really do think they're ace and want to see them do well. Which, admittedly, on past evidence of bands we've tipped is pretty much the kiss of death for any hopes of success they might have had. Sorry.