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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Holiday. Ish. 

Right, the Fringe kicks off today which, as long term readers of the site may now, means that things are going to get a bit slapdash around here - well, more slapdash - as we try and see as many shows as is humanely possible in the space of three and a half weeks. Unfortunately this won't leave much time for 'hilarious' pop commentary so, despite our best efforts, the site is unlikely to be updated as often as we might like. Sorry!

Don't worry though, by September the infrequent updates will come to an end, everything will be back to normal - with the possible exception of our bank balance - and we'll be back with a whole host of new ideas and features, most of which will splutter outafter a couple of weeks, but never mind. Until then, we apologise for any breaks in transmission which may - i.e. will - occur.