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Monday, May 22, 2006

Thoughts of the Pops 

It's Monday! And we're quite excited - and we just can't hide it - because a) we've just taken delivery of a new set of hair straightners and b) we're off to see Girls Aloud perform for our and, admittedly, a few other people's benefit on Sunday. How excited are we? Roughly this much:

Which, as we're sure you'll agree, is quite excited, indeed. But it's still a week away, so we've got to keep our feet on the ground for the next few days, and so that we come at it fresh, succeed at the slightly harder task of avoiding hearing anything whatsoever about what we fully expect to be the greatest moment of our life to date, and one that will probably remain so until something impossibly fantastic comes along to take it's place, though the only thing that springs immediately to mind is the first night of Nicola's solo tour. To maintain our ignorance we're avoiding any vaguely trendy or up to date music shows for fear of learning things we'd rather find out on the night, so with that in mind we naturally tuned in to Top of the Pops and here's what we learnt:-