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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Kute Angle 

It's Easter Sunday! And guess what! Jesus isn't really dead after all, he was just pretending! Who'da thunk it? Well, not Thomas, obviously, and Judas must have been a bit pissed when he found out, but still. Personally, we think it was a bit cruel to crucify him only a few months after he was born, and doing the same thing to the Easter Bunny on the exact same day seems a bit unnecessary, but what do we know? Don't answer that. But that's not the only resurrection on the cards, however, as an e-mail from Kute, Girls Aloud's support act, has turned up in our in-box. Reading through it, however, swiftly brought to our attention 3 points of concern, namely:-A quick look at their website, however, and our fears are assuaged. First of all they reveal that they've been to the hairdressers and now have plum streaks in their hair. A minor point perhaps, but a) Never underestimate the power of a good hairstyle and b) Our own 'do' is based around a similar colour scheme so we can only concur with their stylistic direction.

Secondly, their new material isn't half bad at all (And you can hear samples of it here). Some of it does veer into the maudlin ballad territory, notably Me Too and 3 Sides, the latter of which either has a male voice singing on it or one of the girls is having a few hormonal issues, but the rest of the tracks are really rather good indeed. Grounded sounds almost tATu like - perhaps their choice of logo makes sense after all - while Scream and Shout wouldn't sound out of place on the Charlotte Church album, having taken a detour by way of Kelly Clarkson first. Addicted takes a similar rock/pop route but currently lacks a bit of 'oomph'. We couldn't dance to it anyway. Mind you, as anyone who's ever seen us on the dancefloor will confirm, we can't really dance to any song. Never Gonna Change Me is a bit too Sheryl Crow for our tastes and, as the lyrics include the phrase "Eye to eye", we assume that this track is from the days they were labouring under that name. Finally, You're Not Gonna Get Him is particularly ace and, if it isn't a massive hit by the end of the year then we're a monkey's uncle. Of course, given the usual accuracy of our predictions, we're going to start researching what sort of presents are suitable for a chimpanzee nephew immediately, just in case.

So, to summarise then, Kute: Still ace. Phew!