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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Erm, TV 

Normally E4 is only as watchable as your tolerance for Friends repeats allows, but tonight it becomes possibly the greatest TV channel in the world - the mighty Quiz Call when Alex Kramer is presenting excepted, of course - when the first episode of Girls Aloud: Off The Record is aired.

It's a six part fly-on-the-wall documentary following the girls as they travel around the world being both generally brilliant and drunk. In fact, the latter has caused a slight furor as various people with nothing better to do with their time - yeah, like we can talk - have been complaining that both their drunken antics and occasionally foul language might well set a bad example to their younger fans. Which would be a fair point if it wasn't for the fact that a) the program is going out at 10.30PM, a time ever so slightly after the watershed, and b) the last time we checked it wasn't actually the Victorian era and so the concept of females swearing, having fun and drinking is unlikely to bring society down to it's knees.

Our main concern is that, much like their videos, the Nicola won't actually be in it that much. Indeed, we're actually quite worried that to the casual observer she'll seem less like a member of a band and, if truth be told, the very pivot on which their genius rests and more like some hanger on who doesn't have anything to do with the group. We shall see.

And! If that wasn't enough pop related TV for you, you can warm yourself up for the documentary by tuning into E4 half an hour early to watch the so bad it's, well, bad, Boys Will Be Girls, a show in which Nathan Moore attempts to pull off the second audacious hoax of his career - the first being to try and fool people into thinking that Lisa Scott-Lee was a plausible popstar - by taking some male singers, dressing them up unconvincingly as women, before attempting to trick the music industry into believing they're a genuine, albeit somewhat ropey, girl band. Some of you may have seen this show a year or so ago when it was originally broadcast under the title The Atomic Kitten Story.