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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Waxing Lyrical 

So, Chico has released his debut single and it's awful - yeah, like there was any chance it'd be anything but - yet despite this people seem to be buying it in the sort of numbers normally reserved for something, well, good and it's happily ensconced at the top spot, looking down on every other release like an incredibly odious giraffe. Clearly, and for reasons we can't even begin to understand, this means that you lot must like it and here at Talent in a Previous Life we're dedicated to bringing to the internet exactly what our readers want. So for that reason - and because Smash Hits isn't around to do this any more - we proudly present the lyrics to his smash hit so that you can sing along to it in the comfort of your own homes. Enjoy:-

What time is it?
What time is it?
Sometimes it sounds so bad, we can't remember good
A fecal bomb is ticking and it puts us off our food
It's regressive, transgressive, depressive, that we know
Like a punch in the face it'll take you to a place that you didn't want to go

(Get lost) So your single's out
(Get lost) Makes us scream and shout
You must surely be out your mind, everybody say "What time is it?"

Amateur hour
You just can't be serious, your act is just so tedious
We should strike you with a poker, 'cause you're far too mediocre
Amateur hour

We can't believe this song, everything is so wrong
Watching you perform like there's no brainwaves going on
We hate it, can't rate it, just berate it, can't you see
Your fifteen minutes were used up by X Factor: Show 3

(Get lost) Can we hang you please?
(Get lost) You've brought pop to it's knees
Go and join the job centre line, everybody say "What time is it?"

Amateur hour
It's like a red rag to the head bull, your song is just so fucking dreadful
We should be warned when'er you're playing, 'cause you're so excruciating
Amateur hour

Go, Chico. Go, Chico. Go. No really, fuck off.