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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The 95th Actual Worst Record, Ever 

Raining cats and dogs. Mainly dogs.

It's a phrase to strike fear into the hearts of all men, good and true. No, not "A Geri Halliwell single" - she has done a few good tracks in her solo career. Well, two - but "As featured in Bridget Jones' Diary", a film whose main appeal is to neurotic, self obsessed thirty-something single women who can't get a steady boyfriend to save their life, mainly because they're neurotic and self-obsessed, yet failing to realise that this is the problem despite all the self analysis they go through on an almost hourly basis. Geri's cover of The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men was chosen for this dubious honour and, in her defence, Geri probably was a good choice for the soundtrack as, frankly, there are few thirty something women more neurotic and self obsessed than Geri Halliwell herself, KT Tunstall excepted.

The original is quite good in a heard-it-a-million-times-in-crap-nightclubs-and-so-we're-now-pretty-bored-of-it kind of way, but Geri's cover adds nothing to it whatsoever, unless you count a grating vocal and a slightly unpleasant video featuring Geri in a leotard - see, Madonna! It didn't work then and it doesn't work now - as being a good thing, in which case you may wish to look up 'good' in the dictionary as we're not convinced you fully understand the meaning of the word. We've said before many, many times that the Spice Girls were like the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, in the sense that they both wore unflattering costumes and were at their strongest when they combined together into one impressive behemoth - Oh, and they both spent their weekends fighting badly animated dinosaurs - but by themselves they're just not strong enough to take on the vital task of creating classic pop. Geri herself just becomes too cheesy and end of the pier - see the Ride It video for proof - to be enjoyed and for this to happen to the most striking member of one of the greatest pop bands the world has ever seen is surely the most disappointing thing about her placement here.