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Because It's Never Just About the Music

Monday, January 23, 2006

Small Apologies 


There'll be no Top of the Pops review this week as our video recorder decided that taping a watchable copy of last night's Top of the Pops was a task as impossible for it as being in any way good would be for Atomic Kitten (Jenny Edition). Suffice to say that Arctic Monkeys are number one, presumably thanks to the number of people who seem to be labouring under the delusion that "being witty" is exactly the same thing as "Having a northern accent".

In further We're Rubbish news, despite what our sidebar's been declaring since the start of the year, we won't be launching our 100 Worst Records feature today. This is mainly and, indeed, entirely due to the fact that our shortlist currently runs to 310 records and we're only up to the letter 'S'. We'd also like to point out that, while the attention to detail is impressive, the Guinness Book of Hit Singles does lack for both plot development and characterisation. And we reckon that ZZ Top probably did it. But anyway, we should get our list whittled down to 100 examples of aural excrement by the 30th and we'll kick the whole thing off then. Probably.