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Because It's Never Just About the Music

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let's Go Round Again The Record Labels 

Despite the fact it's a prospect which is as exciting as watching two pillows having a rest, rumours are abounding that Louise is planning a comeback. Whether anyone will be interested given that, as it no longer exists, Sky magazine won't be putting her on the cover every other bloody month is an interesting theoretical situation, but it's news which has certainly got Dannii Minogue's attention, what with her label AATW being so keen to get the former Miss Nurding on board that they're throwing "making you top priority" promises in Louise's direction and generally making Dannii feel like a second fiddle act. The fact that, no matter which way you might want to cut it, Dannii is a second fiddle act presumably hasn't occurred to her.

Of course, the main news here isn't some vaguely contrived fued with a couple of girls who are less pop stars, more pop space debris, but that we're in some way still expected to be interested in Louise's music. To be fair to her she has had a number of top ten hits, but if anyone knows the tune to one which isn't either Naked or Stuck in the Middle With You then we'd be so impressed we'd probably find ourselves magically transported to a supermarket from the now defunct Presto range. Not only was she lacking in the memorable tune department, star quality was an area which she failed to satisfy in as well, combining a vague girl-next-door style prettiness with all the sex-appeal of a Blue Peter presenter. And given that all she could muster in interviews were variations on "Oh, I just love my husband! But I know nuffing about football and stuff cause I'm a girl!" exclamations, mixed with a few giggles and occasional references to sex - because she liked to think she was a bit naughty, of course - it's hard to see exactly what point there might be to her comeback. Surely she'd be better off waiting for the next series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! to roll around. At least that way she'd be able to retain some vestige of dignity.

Eternal were a bit ropey as well, mind.