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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thoughts of the Pops 

It's, ummm, Tuesday! And we didn't do this piece yesterday - though given our somewhat slapdash attitude towards this feature recently you should be surprised we're even doing it at all - as we spent Monday evening rushing towards Glasgow to see none other than Mark Owen perform at the Barfly, a venue somewhat more used to playing host to the sort of rubbish angsty emo indie rock bands who find favour in boys who proudly sport the sort of beards which demonstrate nothing more than their inability to grow one properly. Quite what they made of the more oestrogen based crowd that Mark tends to attract was unclear, but what the crowd themselves made of Mark was slightly more in the open, given that his every move, action, and note was greeted with an ear-splitting scream. As with the last time we saw him he was genuinely excellent, except this time he was even better, as not only where we there in a much less cynical frame of mind, but he also played a lot less of the ballady stuff this time and, if that wasn't enough, he also threw in a cover of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart which, yes, was exactly as fantastic as that sounds. It was a natural choice as, for both Mark and Ian Curtis, their career consisted of them being puppets of the music industry. Well, Ian danced like his limbs were being controlled by strings at any rate.

So, with his cover of Joy Division coming before the encore, and Clementine and Four Minute Warning having already made an appearence, what on earth could he do to top all that for his finale? Well, a quick stroll down the chorus of Robbie's No Regrets, perhaps? Not in itself, that impressive, except when you remember that No Regrets is Robbie's song about his time in Take That, so could that mean Mark's planning on... No, he wouldn't.. would he? Damned right he would! The intro to Could it Be Magic kicks in, the crowd go wild, and we all go home happy, alhough it did briefly raise then dash our hopes that he might do a medley of Take That's greatest hits, but then, we always hope, no matter what gig we go and see, that the performer will launch into a medley of Take That's greatest hits. Invariably we're disappointed, of course, apart from the time we went to see Billy Bragg that is. It almost made up for out abject failure to get tickets for the Take That tour, but not entirely, so if anyone would like to send us a pair of tickets then, please, feel free to get in touch.

Anyway, we had a point when we started this, now what was it again? Oh yes. Here's what we learnt from this week's Top of the Pops:-