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Monday, December 05, 2005

It's a Girls' Thing 

It's Girls Aloud Week here at Talent in a Previous Life! Of course, given that we've not exactly been shy about expressing our fondness for the band in the past, some might suggest that pretty much every week is Girls Aloud week here. Indeed, some might even go so far as to suggest that given the many, many words we've devoted to the band since the site's inception, we might well have exhausted our stock of GA related material and devoting an entire week to the band might not really be considered a wise thing to do. Those people are probably right, but, despite it being all kinds of aceness, we did kind of ignore the Biology release, so we're now consumed with a desperate desire to make amends. And besides, how often do we get to celebrate the release of a new Girls Aloud album? Apart from every year, of course.

Chemisty is, of course, out today. As we've only had a chance to give it a quick once over so far, a full review will need to wait until later in the week - first impression: Fuck me, that's good - but we feel it might be somewhat redundant as not only should you all already have rushed out to buy your copy, but also because we feel it's unlikely that we'll be able to write anything anywhere near as good as Alexis Petridis' Guardian review, which is one of the best pieces of music journalism we've ever read, and we're not just saying that because he happens to be quite fond of the album. Also brilliant is the TV ad, which features fly on the wall documentary style footage of the Girls, revealing that not only do they all live in the same house - apparently in the fifties - they also all sleep in the same bed together wearing matching pyjamas. How fantastic!

We have lots of - i.e. some - Girls Aloud related nonsense planned for the next 5 days, but first up, what's this below? Could it be the first of five columns exclusively and genuinely written for this site by each of the Girls Aloud girls? Come on! Does that sound even vaguely likely...?