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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hole in the Band 

(READER WARNING: The following piece can best be described as 'functional')

While it's always tragic when a band splits up - unless of course the band in question is The Noise Next Door, in which case it'll be hilarious - at least with the Sugababes we've already had a bit of practice as we've been here once before when Siobhan Donaghy decided that she'd had enough of the sniping and bitchiness and ran off instead to make a solo album whose magnificence was matched only by the level of public indifference in the project. Now, alas, it's Mutya Buena's turn to jump ship, and if the band continues to shed members at this rate, by the time they tour next year it'll be like going to see a sixties band whose only connection with the original line-up is that their drummer once stood next to the second bassist in a bus queue. Mutya was a bit more forthright about the whole affair than Siobhan was, however, and has released a press statement and everything and not just buggered off out through the bathroom window during a promotional tour of Japan.

Mutya is leaving as she feels she's unable commit to the band in the way she really needs to, and given she's recently had a baby we're not hugely surprised. After all, it's hard to fit in the three or four hours it takes to come up with a good range of insults to whisper behind Heidi's back when you have feeding times and nappy changing to contend with. Actually, that's not fair, while it's certainly possible to read between the lines and come up with a tale of in-fighting and bitching, we're going to give her the benefit of the doubt and trust her statement. It is Christmas after all, and stranger things have happened.

Since before the band had even formed, 'Sugababes To Split' stories were running in the press, so this news hasn't exactly come as a surprise and, given that she's been notably absent from promotional duties recently, citing illness, her decision probably didn't come as a surprise to the band's management company. Indeed, such is the speed at which the Sugababes bandwagon is rolling on, we're allowed just a 24 hour long period of mourning before we have to give a cautious welcome to the new member. According to Popjustice, she'll be going by the name of Amelle Berrabah, a girl of whom Google has no knowledge whatsoever, though that'll no doubt change by tomorrow. We wish her all the best of luck in the world, but we reckon it'll be just over a month before the first "Heidi and Keisha hate Amelle" story turns up in the press, whether it's true or not.