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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Frost Report: Day 11 

After taking centre stage yesterday in much the same manner as she used to during Atomic Kitten gigs, i.e. in a not very noticeable kinda way, Jenny Frost continued to make her presence felt in I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, heading out on yet another Celebrity Chest quest, this time with disturbing singing sensation Evil Jimmy Osmond for company. Their task involved a complicated looking pulley/bungee rope system, with one celeb getting harnessed up while the other pulled a lever to send them shooting off towards the heavens where a couple of keys were waiting for them. Giving that only one of them has previous experience of hitting dizzy heights, albeit those of popular success, it was only natural that Jimmy was picked for this task, leaving Jenny with the simple role which again was an appropriate pairing.

It wasn't all action for our heroine though, as she also found the time to sit down with Antony 'From Blue' Costa and have a chat about chest waxing, something which she has ample experience of. "Have a couple of drinks before hand", she advised, advice which is also followed by any poor beautician who gets lumbered with the task of having to deal with Jenny's hairy areas. Almost wolflike, we understand.

We've now entirely run out of any vaguely funny things to put in this section. If you'd like to see us continue to struggle to find amusing angles on Jenny's jungle time then either phone 09011 32 32 04 or text JENNY to 63334. We'd really rather you didn't, though.