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Saturday, December 03, 2005

All The Records on the Radio Are Shite 

(It's a ballboy track, in case you're wondering)

Aren't you fed up with lists of the so-called worst records of all time that seem to imply that unless you're a particularly unimaginative, cardigan wearing Dad you have no taste in music? Lists that seem designed to try and make you feel embarrassed about your music collection? Lists that treat fun as anathema, excitement as an abominaton and any deviation from the standard guitar, bass, drums, vocals set-up as something to be spat upon? Lists that consider anything outside of the sphere of quality as defined by Q Magazine to be something to be treated with barely disgusied contempt. Lists, in short, that include the Spice Girls. We know we are, which is why we've decided to do something about it.

Here at Talent in a Previous Life we've decided to try and give a counterpoint to all the anti-pop snobbery that exists in these sorts of polls and are currently in the midst of compiling our own list of the 100 Actual Worst Records, Ever. Our list will include the singles which are genuinely bad, the songs that stir no emotion other than boredom, tracks that have about as much spark as a broken lighter and the CDs which no couple in a break-up, no matter how messy, would even think about arguing over, except in the "That's yours. No, that's yours" kind of way. In other words, a list which is likely to take in a lot of acts who have appeared on Later... With Jools Holland. Compiling this list is a big task and, while we could just listen to Virgin Radio for a day and write down everything they played, we've decided to ask you to help us out by submitting your own nominations for what you think are some of the worst records of all time.

A few rules:-E-mail your choices to talentinapreviouslife@gmail.com, and, if you like, you can also tell us why you think said track is a bit on the rubbish side. Get your suggestions in to us by the end of the year, and we'll start counting down the poll of pointlessness in January.