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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Take This 

Put on your devil's horns and find yourself a pair of trousers which lack coverage, if not support, in the buttock area, Take That are going back out on tour! The dates:Tickets are priced at a frankly wallet busting £25 to £35 each and are availiable from the usual outlets at 9am on Friday, December 2. The cost might seem steep, but given that they're reportedly getting over a million quid each for the tour, they've got to cover their overheads somehow, and it's just not feasible to expect to sell that many flashing deely-boppers on the night. And at least it'll save Jason from hanging around on street corners, asking passers by to lend him the cost of a cup of Special Brew tea. Oh, and no, Robbie won't be there, but who cares? Besides, with an ego his size, there's not a stage in the world that would manage to fit both that and four other people on at the same time.