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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Girls Aloud! Live! Again! 

Earlier this year Girls Aloud took the highways and byways of Great Britain with what can only be described as the greatest live spectacle of all time. They danced, they sang, they mimed a bit, and they wore some rather fetching outfits, and all for our pleasure, which was nice of them, though we're sure that the pay packet they recieved might well have helped them with their decision to do it a bit. Well guess what! Next year they're doing it all over again, except this time it's an arena tour, which can mean only one thing: They'll be suspended from wires! Hooray! Etc!

Here's the dates:If you're the sort of person who's optimistic enough to believe they won't be involved in a major car crash/be part of the large percentage of the population to be struck down during the inevitable bird flu epidemic/have gone off the band a tad during the next 7 months, then you'll want to get yourself a set of tickets when they go on sale to the general public at 9AM this Friday through all the usual outlets.

But what's that? You'd like a link for the pre-sales which start at 9AM tomorrow? Oh, go on then. But don't tell them we told you.