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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Frost Report: Day 7 

Day 7 of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here and Jenny Frost is finally getting involved! Not only was she Deputy Leader for the day, but she also found herself being sent out to find the Celebrity Chest with David 'Cuprinal Man' Dickinson. Last time she went on one of these, all she had to do was hang around until Cannon and Ball arrived, so it was fortunate that she had a bit more to actually do this time around. Their task, which Jen quickly took charge of, was to arrange a series of pipes to channel water into a barrel, which would then float up a key for them. Despite this being the sort of task which would normally be solved within a minute or so on the Crystal Maze, it caused Jenny and David some consternation. Eventually they gave up on the idea of doing it properly, and decided to do a bodge job, each of them desperately holding up pipes while the water flowed all over them. Perhaps for Jenny the water flowing through her fingers reminded her of the opportunities which had slipped through her grasp previously, such as that job on the tills in her local tesco, but no matter, a bodged job it may have been, but success came to them and they successfully brought the chest back to camp.

This high didn't last too long though, as Some Footballer's Wife and Jen both found themselves being sent to the Jungle Jail as punishment for the other celebrities' rule breaking, something which they considered to be quite unfair, though in Jen's case she has been involved with a number of criminal records so she can hardly complain about finally being brought to justice. At first they found the idea of being sent to jail hilarious, but once they were actually there, things didn't seem quite as funny. With no fire, basic rations and hammocks to sleep on - which Jenny promptly fell off - the jail was even less luxurious than the main campsite. With no light, the pair of them went to bed early, or at least tried to, anyway. Sheree found the whole experience incredibly frightening, even screaming every time Jenny moved, something which has never happened before, not even at Atomic Kitten concerts. Sheree ended up crying through most of the night, with Jen attempting to reasure her by hugging her every now and again, something which we imagine would be an even scarier experience. Eventurally they were released and allowed to return to camp who, with the exception of Antony who found it all quite upsetting, seemed to find their predicament quite funny. And quite right too.

They got back in time to find out the results of the last Bushtucker trial voted for by the public. Unfortunately Jenny didn't get picked, though given that the trial in question involved singing while hoardes of creepy crawlies are dumped on top of you, it was perhaps wise that she didn't get chosen. Jenny singing... *shudders* Who'd want to see that?

If you want Jenny to win the whole thing - Well, you might! - then you can either dial 09011 32 32 04 or text JENNY to 63334.