Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Friday, August 12, 2005


See. Told you we'd be rubbish this month.

Anyway, in between attempting to burn out rather than fade away, we have managed to catch a few snippets of pop news, even if our finger is so far away from the pulse right now that we're happily declaring everyone we come into contact with dead. First up was the news that The Magic Numbers stormed out of Top of the Pops in a big stroppy old huff after Richard Bacon described them as "a big fat melting pot". It was the "fat" comment which particularly hurt them as, as one of them, it doesn't really matter which, they all look the same, explained later: "We weren't too bothered about the 'pot' comment - we do all enjoy a smoke every now and then - but we did think about complaining about the 'melting' jibe until we had a look in the mirror and realised that, y'know what, it does look like our faces have melted".

Also catching our attention was the news that Marc Cohn was shot during an attempted car-jacking, mainly because when we heard it on the radio we misheard and thought it was actually Mark Owen who was being thrust back into the limelight in a somewhat unfortunate way. Of course, it wasn't. It was simply the bloke who sang Walking in Memphis who got in between a bullet and its desperate rush for freedom and not, perhaps fortunately, the pint sized popstar whose near hit Four Minute Warning will be the last thing you hear as you rush towards the safety of your nuclear bunker once World War III breaks out. Sadly we have to admit to ourselves that had it really been Mark Owen who was involved in this incident, it would have been unlikely to have received any news coverage beyond a mention in Heat magazine along the lines of "Spotted: Mark Owen covered in blood, slumped lifelessly across his Y-reg Ford Escort in the car park outside Waitrose, Manchester".

Hmm, that wasn't really worth waiting for, was it?