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Because It's Never Just About the Music

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Write Stuff 

Have you ever read one of our pieces and thought, "Blimey, that was shit! I could do better than that with my eyes closed!"? Of course you have! Even we look back on some of the stuff we've published and realised that we've occasionally set the quality bar somewhat low. Well, here's your opportunity to take over and show us exactly how comedy pop commentary should be done.

In August the Fringe hits our home town of Edinburgh, which means that the city is awash with the cream of the world's theatrical, musical, comedical and, umm, dancical talent. On the one hand this is great! As we'll be off out seeing shows every night and generally pretending that we're a lot more cultured than we actually are, but on the other this overdose of entertainment doesn't exactly leave a lot of time for casting our eye over the UK music scene. This is were you come in.

Rather than letting the site go into a month long period of vague hibernation, we're looking for a couple of people to write for the site and, assuming this experiment doesn't turn out to be an unmitigated disaster, we'll be keeping you on as part of the team for as long as you're interested in doing it.

If you want to join us, and we can think of a few reasons why you wouldn't, send a sample article to talentinapreviouslife@gmail.com along with a brief description of who you are and why you want to sign up for this uniquely rewarding experience. Oh, and by 'uniquely rewarding' we mean 'you're not getting paid so it's personal satisfaction only'.

Closing date for submissions is on Wednesday, 27th July. Thanks!