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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Well, We Guess It's Gonna Be... 

Summer's here, kids! So what better time is there to release a record which is designed to be heard in dank, sweaty, smoky nightclubs? Well, quite, but such a blatant disregard for this country's seasonal climate can be forgiven when the song in question is Inaya Day's version of Prince's Nasty Girl. It's easily the best song released this year, though, when taking in that piece of hyperbole, you may wish to bear in mind that we have the memory of a goldfish and the attention span to match and so would be hard pushed to name ten other singles which have been released this year, let alone ten good ones.

Nasty Girl is a storming disco stomp which explodes from the speakers, spraying everyone in the vicinity with a fistful of glitter - alas, not literally, though it would be a pretty cool attatchment if that were the case, such a thing would certainly reinvigorate the somewhat stagnant sales of physical singles - and demands to be heard by anything with ears. It's everything you ever dreamed music could be, a sultry statement that smoulders with soulful sass and swaggers across the stage with a sexy shimmy. Appalling alliteration aside, however, you really do need to get this record in your life, you need it like your lungs need oxygen, or like Chris Martin needs a kick up the arse. In short, stop reading this and go out and buy a copy of it. After all, you don't really want to see Elton and Tupac at number one for a fourth week, do you?