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Monday, June 13, 2005

What Will the Neighbours See? 

Available today from all good record shops - and that dodgy bloke in the pub who can always get you copies of the latest films, even before they're out in the cinema - is a Girls Aloud DVD. It's not, unfortunately, what we all want, i.e. a DVD of the tour - that, presumably, will be held back until the slightly more lucrative Christmas market - but as a bit of summer filler to both remind us that the Girls still exist and provide a bit of pocket money to get them enough fake tan to last the winter, it doesn't look too bad a package, even if it does seem to be more the sort of thing that should be given away for free with initial, 'limited edition' copies of their next album. It basically consists of all the videos, the MTV special from last year and a selection of telly performances or, to put it another way, all the stuff that you wished you'd taped off of the telly at the time or, indeed, all the stuff that you did tape off the telly, but without the irritation of having 3 seconds of Cat Deeley's annoying yapping before and afterwards.

We've not got our copy yet, but when we do we plan on using the frame advance button so that, in conjunction with our CD player, we can try and manually edit together a video which actually features at least 30 seconds worth of Nicola content, though we feel that this may be a largely fruitless task until we resort to the pause button for the entire 3 minutes thirty. Oh well.