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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Upd8 Upd8 

Right, we've got a lot to get through here, so let's keep this intro short. Here are, as we understand it, the latest additions to the line ups for all the Live 8 concerts around the world on Saturday. This should be considered in no way accurate or definitive, as not only is trying to find out who's playing where something of a thankless task, but there's likely to be a lot of shuffling around and special guests announced before the main event. Already a number of acts have been moved from London's bill to play at the Paris event and, slightly more interestingly, the success of Italy's gig seems to be hanging in the balance after the headliner, Vasco Rossi pulled out citing a clash with another gig which he'd somehow forgotten he was doing and a general lack of interest in the gig from the locals.

Anyway, barring any major incidents, cancellations or dental appointments, here are the latest additions to the line-up and you can also find our full look at the artists involved here.
We've still got Russia, Edinburgh, Japan and Canada to update, and with good luck, and a following wind, we'll get them done tomorrow. If we don't get round to it which, let's face it, is quite likely, then you'll just have to imagine what hilarious comments we might have made. Which might be for the best, as they'll likely be funnier than what we do come up with.