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Thursday, May 05, 2005

'X' Factor 

It's the General Election today and we would like to urge you all - well those of you who are UK citizens, 18+, not in prison and not registered insane - to get yourself down to your local polling station and cast your vote. Fair enough, it's not quite as important as phoning for your favorite in Pop Idol, Big Brother or X Factor, but on the other hand it won't cost you 25p either. While we have our own political preferences, we don't particularly care who you actually vote for - you can vote for one of the big parties, go for one of the smaller, comedy parties, such as Veritas, or even spoil your paper if you like, again, voting Veritas is probably the way to go for that one - just as long as you actually get out there, partake in the democratic process and vote! Thanks!