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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cookie: Crumble 

In news which is unlikely to shake the world of pop to it's very foundations, Nicola Ward has left Cookie. Please, try to stay calm at this difficult time. Clearly she was a vital cog in the machine as she was instantly replaced, much in the manner of a Doctor Who regeneration, by Aimie Flack of whom little information is currently available, other than that she has short blonde hair and will be 19 on Saturday. Given that Aimie appeared onstage with the group at last night's gig in Manchester and knew all the words - well, when to move her lips - and the dance routine, it's probably safe to say that the only person involved in the band for whom this news has come as a surprise is Nicola herself.

It does seem a somewhat odd move, particularly given that the video for Do It Again - which will still be getting released as planned - has already been shot and changing members halfway through a tour is something which is usually frowned upon unless you're Mark E Smith. Still, it is a bit of a shame for Miss Ward, particularly as this is now the second time that she's leaving behind a life of potential pop stardom, having previously walked out on Popstars: The Rivals as she felt that the show was exploitative, though as revelations go, it was one that was about as surprising as a bag of flour. We wish both her, and Cookie, the best in their future careers, and can now only ponder upon how this news will affect the value of our set of Cookie's autographs.

Also saying goodbye to the world of pop is Nikk from Phixx, who has decided to leave the band, which is a little bit like deciding to quit your job shortly after you've been made redundant. He plans on spending his time learning how to spell his first name correctly.