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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Spied: Girls 

Any fans of both excellent pop and bumming - a long shot, we do realise - may be interested to know that on Saturday, 30th April, Daphne and Celeste will be playing at the popular club for the London homosexualist, G-A-Y.

Yes, you did read that right, Daphne and Celeste are back! We can only hope that, despite being in their twenties, they'll still be pretending to be 16 years old, after all, that's exactly what they did when they were around for the first time. Actual new material is likely to be thin on the ground, but who cares when hits such as Ugly, Ooh, Stick You, Roll Call, Spy Girls and their celebration of multi-culturalism, We Love Your Sushi, are likely to get an airing. Oh, and they'll probably also do School's Out, but that was a bit ropey so you might want to go to the bar at that point. If you're neither London based, nor of the gay persuasion - although as it's just a turn of phrase we don't think you'll have to actually prove you're a card carrying homosexual to get in, not unless being gay turns out to be less about a person's sexuality and more akin to being member of the Dennis the Menace fanclub - then you'll be pleased to know that they'll apparently be doing some more dates around the country, though these are, as yet, still to be confirmed.