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Sunday, April 24, 2005

OMM, My God 

If you pick up a copy of today's Observer, as well as getting some top quality news journalism - even if their lead story this week is about as toothless as a sugar-eating gumhound after a trip to an extraction crazy dentist - you'll also find a copy of their monthly music magazine. In it there's an insightful piece by the always excellent Peter Robinson about the struggles of unsigned pop bands which mentions Bloke who, you will no doubt remember, we 'bigged up' back in February - yes, we were there first, we are so indie, etc, etc. Slightly depressingly, the gist of their inclusion in the article is that good though they are - and they are - they might well have missed their chance to hit the big time, particularly given the failure of The Faders to crack the top ten. We dearly hope that this won't be the case. We genuinely believe that Bloke have that special spark that elevates them above the competition, but if the blue touchpaper is kept out of their reach, they'll never get the chance to light up the sky with fireworks or, indeed, like a flame. Fame.

If you can't be bothered buying a copy of the paper, you can read the piece on-line here, although if you do actually get off your arse and go down the shops, the printed version includes a rather nice photo of the band as a reward for your efforts.

While we're on the subject of Bloke, we'd like to clear up a couple of errors in our original piece about the girls. Firstly, there's not three redheads in the band, there's only one, but that's nothing that can't be sorted out with the judicious use of Clairol products. Secondly, we no longer want them to cover Everlasting Love. We've had a bit of a think about this and would like to state for the record that Crash by The Primitives would be perfect for them, although we do still want someone to have a crack at Everlasting Love so as to wipe the memory of Jamie Cullum's 'version' from the record books. And shops, for that matter.