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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Here at TiaPL you may have noticed that we're quite fond of Miss Nicola Roberts from popular female vocal group Girls Aloud. Indeed, some have gone so far as to call it a crush, which we take offence at. A crush is a childish, pathetic thing, normally the domain of hormone crazed teenagers. We're far too mature to have a crush. No, what we have is an obsession and we have the restraining orders to prove it.

Anyway, from the moment they burst onto the scene in a mess of futuristic electro-pop fabness that sounded like nothing you'd ever heard before (unless you'd heard Puretone's Addicted to Bass, of course) we always despaired at the lack of attention that Nicola would get. Initially we were convinced that there was a deliberate campaign to keep her out of the public eye. From the lack of solo lines to the limited amount of video time, it seemed that the management just didn't realise what a talent they had in this flame-haired goddess. We still remember cursing vehemently when they appeared on Popworld with Sarah, Nadine, Kimberly and Cheryl all in matching tops while Nicola was wearing what we believe is known in the trade as "Model's own". Why? Because they only bothered sending them four tops and poor Nic had to go without.

At first there was a litany of crimes like this, but recently things seemed to change. She began to get more focus, a chance to sing, proper appearances in the video, she even started appearing in the centre of photographs. It seemed the wheel had turned as they went back to Sound of the Underground and retroactively gave her the "And then it drops and catches like fire" line for live performances. It seemed that finally the rest of the world was catching up with what we'd believed all along, that Nicola truly was the bestest pop star in the world, even if she does seem to be turning more and more monochrome with each passing photoshoot.

The point of this post is, and we do have one, is that with the recent change in her coverage related fortunes, we were quite excited when we received an e-mail from the official GA mailing list encouraging us to vote for I'll Stand By You on a couple of music channels as it contained a number of stills from the video to help the punter realise that it's a quite lovely video and yes, they would like to see it, wouldn't they? Now for something like this, the aim is to pick out a still which simply glows with beauty and has the group looking their stunning best so that anyone who sees it is desperate to see the video in full, even if they have to pay 50p per minute to do so. So, lets have a look at the shot of the five foxy females that they felt would be most likely to make the average fan grab their mobile and make a premium rate phone-call.