Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Monday, September 15, 2003


This vision of loveliness is Siobhan Donaghy, an extremely fab young lady. Indeed, she is almost as fantastic as Nicola from Girls Aloud, (but not quite, obviously) despite her slightly dodgy eye make-up. But no matter, the reason we have put her picture up is not in a bid to increase hits by featuring attractive girls on the site (though that is an added bonus), but to draw attention to the fact that she has a new single released today called Twist of Fate which we would like you all to rush out and buy. Her last single, Overrated only managed to stumble to number 19 in the charts, thanks to reasons best known to the general public, i.e. you lot. Don't make the same mistake again or else we'll cry, and that'll make you really embarrassed and uncomfortable. So there.

We would also like to recommend the Rachel Stevens single, but we're not going to as she's got enough publicity as it as and we don't really want to encourage you to spend your money elsewhere this week. Rachel would recommend it herself, but she's a bit tied up right now. Ahem.